Lake St. Clair / Detroit River Fishing

Fish LSC Charters is located on the Canadian side of Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River. These waters offer a wide variety of fishing opportunities for every type of angler. From MONSTER muskie to MASSIVE walleye and everything in between. 

My focus is on providing you with the best possible chance at catching fish and also teaching you about the lake and various techniques that I've learned over the years fishing on Lake St Clair. It is a fishery like no other and a destination every angler should experience. 


Walleye Pictures

Muskie Fishing

Muskie Pictures

Muskie casting is very rewarding. We will be throwing baits of all sizes, but usually start off with smaller baits in the summer and work our way up to big baits in the fall. There is nothing comparable to having a big muskie follow your bait to the side of the boat and completely annihilate your bait in the figure 8 right under your feet. 

Walleye Jigging is an amazing experience, there is no better feeling than bouncing a light jig along bottom to then have it crushed by a big walleye. This is hands on fishing at its finest. Reeling up a walleye from 25ft of water will give you an awesome adrenaline rush.