My name is Ian Jones and I am a fully licensed Captain with Transport Canada. I have my SVOP Certificate, MED A3 Certificate, VHF Certificate DSC endorsed and I am also commercially insured.

My passion for fishing started at a young age, I grew up with a river very close to my home and would fish for carp and cat fish for many years always amazed at how I could put a hook, line and sinker down and catch a fish. In my teenage years I would fish 2-3 times a week, always on the hunt for new spots and BIG fish. In 2013 I started my fishing career and made the move to Lac Seul in northern Ontario. Learning a new lake and interacting with guests on a daily basis really fueled my passion for fishing. After a successful season guiding in northern Ontario, I decided to move back to Lake St. Clair where I have always dreamed of running my own fishing charters. If you want to catch a TROPHY, this is the place. 

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