We supply a top of the line ice hut and all the rods and tackle you will need to successfully catch fish through the ice. We don't just set up shop and throw you your gear, we stay with you and actively find fish all day long teaching you different techniques. 
Panfish -  (Bluegill & Sunfish)  - Info
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Walleye  - Info

$350 for upto 3 people. This included everything you will need including 2 guides. 

Lake St. Clair offers a wide variety of ice fishing! We will take you out on your ice fishing adventures and actively find fish during the day. We are the first to offer this service on Lake St. Clair.

What we supply..
Heater, Clam Ice fishing hut, Ice fishing rods, Aqua-View, Vexilar, Tackle, Bait and everything else you will need to have a fun day on the ICE!