We can accommodate large groups of up to 6 people for walleye jigging / muskie casting and trolling. Here are a few options to accommodate your group! 

Two boats with fully licensed captains to guide your group, we run 3 ppl per boat fishing side by side and docking up to eat lunch together! This is a very popular option and can make for some fun competition !


Two Boat walleye jigging

Walleye jigging on the Detroit river is something every fisherman should experience, we will be fishing side by side and docking up for lunch! 2 boats 3 people per boat (6ppl total)

Full day rate - $120pp / 8 hours


Two Boat muskie 

We offer muskie trolling and casting trips. Your group will be split up into two boats fishing side by side throughout the day! We can troll the lake or cast within talking distance of the other boat!

Full day rate - 150pp / 8 hours



This two boat large group option has been a request from many! We are very flexible and are happy to accommodate your group! We will be fishing side by side with in talking distance as well docking up for lunch or breaks throughout the day! This option always sparks some awesome competition between the two boats! 

Boat A - Alumacraft Compeitior Sport Fully Rigged. 
Boat B - Trition Walleye Boat Fully Rigged.