What lures or bait will we be using?
We will be using a combination of plastics and live bait that I have found work best while jigging the river. 

Big walleye?
When fishing the spring walleye run on the Detroit River hold your rod tight. Multiple fish over 30" can happen in 4-8hr trip and lots of fish over the 6lb mark is common on good days.

What kind of waters are we fishing?
We will be fishing a mixture of deep and shallow drops along the shore lines of the river. Jigging sand and rock that has strong current rushing along it. 

What is the best time of year?
The best time of year for jigging walleye is the early spring when big female walleye travel up the river to spawn. The exact time we start fishing depends on when the lake and river is ice free.

How many walleye to expect?
I will give a few examples of good days and tough days.
Good Days
- Sunny morning, 0kmh wind & no clouds. We fished deep sand in 24 feet of water and within 3 hours we hooked up with a 28", 27.5", 27", 26", 25", 25" and a few mid 20's and a hand full of eating size fish under 20". This was an amazing day for us with non stop action and lots of fish of different sizes.
-Overcast afternoon, 10kmh winds. We fished a deep rock drop in 24-30' and hooked up with a 29.5, 30", 30.5" and a hand full of mid 20" fish on the afternoon bite 4-5 hours.
These are just a two of many days we have had on the water.
Tough Days
-Very cold early spring morning, 0KMH wind. Fished Multiple spots, sand, rock, deep and shallow. Two strikes in a few hours. Bite was shut down and many other boats that i talked to had the same luck. Even moving a great distance down the river made no difference. Ended up with two eating size walleye. TOUGH DAY!
-Cold early spring morning, 5KMH winds. Fished deep sand and hooked up with a massive 29" walleye 9+lbs. Only fish of the morning which was an awesome BIG fish but it was a tough bite. We did better than a lot of boats out that day.

When it comes to fishing there are a lot of factors that come into play with how the fish are going to bite. We have a great success rate when it comes to catching Walleye but as with any type of fishing there are tough days. Weather is a big factor when it comes to fish and can greatly affect the bite. 

What Are The Limits On Walleye
There is no size limit on walleye in the Detroit River, however, limits apply to the number you can keep.
Sport License - 6
Conversation License - 2
You can keep the fish you catch, after your trip I can clean the fish at the launch at your request.
To sustain a trophy walleye fishery I prefer to release the bigger female fish.


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